Darby Allin Reveals How He Was Hit By A Bus

Darby Allin details being hit by a bus

Darby Allin's daredevil lifestyle caused some damage over the weekend as the former TNT Champion revealed he was hit by a bus in New York City. Allin was pictured with bandages shoved up his nose but he seemingly wasn't too hurt as he later caught a Broadway show with punk rock artist Raymond Pettibon. 

Appearing on The Daily Migs Show, Darby revealed how exactly he ended up being hit by a bus. 

"So I was hanging out with Raymond Pettibon, which, if anybody knows who Raymond is, he's one of the godfathers of punk rock art. He created the black flag logo, and he's done so much work for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop. He's really big in the art world. He's an older guy, he's like 64, he can't walk that well. So we're in New York, hanging out, and he's jaywalking, and I see this bus, it's taking a right turn. I was like, there's no way they're gonna see Raymond at night, walking. Like I said, he can't walk that good," Darby said.

"So as I'm pushing him, like, 'Hurry up, hurry up, there's a bus coming,' and then as the bus was taking a right, it wasn't going [fast], it might have been going eight to ten [miles per hour], so it wasn't like 30 miles-an-hour. But as I was pushing him out of the way, the side of the bus window, my face bounced off of it. So you could say I saved Raymond Pettibon. [Migs says he took a bus for him] I did take a bus for him. I didn't take a bullet, but I took a bus."

Darby Allin was originally scheduled to climb Mount Everest in 2024 but those plans were postponed after the former AEW World Tag Team Champion sustained a broken foot on the March 13 episode of Dynamite while wrestling Jay White. 

Speaking further, Darby revealed his broken foot won't be healed until June but he teased appearing on the May 15 episode of Dynamite. 

"Unfortunately, my foot is not scheduled to heal until I'd say June. So if I did roll up, it would just be with a broken face and a broken foot waving to the crowd, which may not be the worst thing. I'll see. I trained in Everett, Washington, so it would be like an ultimate homecoming of sorts. That'd be really cool. May 15, I gotta see... I think might be able to make it. As long as there's no buses, I'm good," Darby added.

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