Davey Richards Wants A Wolves Vs. FTR Match

The Wolves vs FTR is certainly a dream match, and Davey Richards is open to the idea

There’s no doubting that FTR are currently one of if not the best tag team on the planet right now, with the reigning ROH, IWGP, and AAA World Tag Team Champions having had a stellar 2022.

The team of Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have already put on several 2022 MOTY contenders against the likes of The Briscoes and Aussie Open, but looking to the future there’s another dream match that could be on FTR’s agenda if they want it; The Wolves.

The team of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were themselves considered one of the best teams of the 2010s across ROH, NJPW, and TNA/IMPACT, and have reunited on several occasions this year. Now, Davey Richards has revealed how the pair have found their groove once again, telling Wrestlezone:

"Since I’ve come back, they’ve put me and Eddie back together a few times. I’m gonna be arrogant. When me and Eddie are on, no one can touch us, man. Our timing’s just always been there. I felt last Sunday, it was the fifth or sixth one, it just clicked again. I’m like ah, dude, we’re back. So we’re getting matching gear again, we’re doing all this because The Wolves are back. It’s cool. It was a great match. Credit to Violence Forever. They’re awesome," Richards said.

As for FTR? Richards said it’s in the fans hands:

“2023, we could potentially all be in the same place to do that. The really cool thing about wrestling now is that the fans can be heard through social media. So if they want it and they voice their opinion on it, I know there’s four guys who definitely want it," Richards said.

Interestingly, The Wolves and FTR have already faced off once before, with FTR triumphing over Richards and Edwards on the indies in June 2022. It seems that Richards wants a bigger stage for their next clash.

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