Dax Harwood Issues Plea For CM Punk, The Elite To 'Make It Work'

Dax Harwood wants CM Punk and The Elite to be a part of AEW together

Dax Harwood has issued a plea to CM Punk, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega to put their differences aside and "make it work" for the good of professional wrestling. 

Speaking on his new FTR podcast about if he expects Punk to return to AEW, Harwood stated: 

"I can tell you what I hope, because I don't know. Everyone knows about the legalities of the situation and no one is really expressing what is going to happen, what has happened, and what won't happen. I can tell you, all I can be truthful about, I can only tell you what I know and what I perceive to know, I hope that he comes back. I feel that AEW should have the Young Bucks in their locker room. AEW should have Kenny Omega in the locker room. I know that I feel AEW should have CM Punk in the locker room. With those four entities, it makes our talent roster so much deeper and better. It's four guys who want to be the best. Regardless of what any of us think personally, I know that we all want to be the best and I know we all want the best for professional wrestling. It's given us a life that we could never have otherwise.

"This is my plea to all four guys. Please find a way to make it work. If we can make it work, we can set up the future of professional wrestling for a long time and we can change the course of professional wrestling for a very long time. When you think about it, unselfishly, we're doing this for 20-30 years down the road so guys and girls can make a living."

The backstage drama between The Elite and CM Punk dominated AEW throughout the summer and culminated with a backstage fight that pitted Punk and Ace Steel against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks following The Second City Saviour's infamous post-All Out media scrum. CM Punk reportedly threw the first punch to spark the brawl and Ace Steel bit Kenny Omega and threw a chair that hit Nick Jackson. 

The five men were suspended following the incident while a third party investigated what happened. That investigation has since ended and The Elite are back on AEW TV. Ace Steel was fired and CM Punk and AEW are reportedly in talks over a contract buyout. Punk is also currently out injured due to a torn triceps in the main event of All Out. 

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