Details Around Nikki A.S.H's Creative Direction On WWE Raw Reportedly Emerge

A plan is reportedly in place

Nikki A.S.H's recent losing streak on WWE Raw is reportedly set to led to a storyline of her doubting herself.

Nikki suffered a defeat at the hands of Queen Zelina on this week's Raw, despite tag-team partner Rhea Ripley motivating her from ringside, with the former Raw Women's Champion struggling to get wins at this moment in time.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, notes that WWE appear to be running an angle where Nikki A.S.H starts to doubt herself and her ability as a long-term storyline.

Meltzer said, "So the deal that I’m getting from this is that they are doing an angle where Nikki always loses to get to wherever they are going….whether it’s Rhea Ripley giving up on her, but it looks like its more of an angle for Nikki to go through a depression from always losing because they rubbed it in later in the show as well.

"It’s very clear that they are trying to get her in this thing where she doubts herself. Wherever they go from there I don’t know. The losing is meant to benefit her.

"I’m not saying that it will benefit her. I’m saying that it’s being written in their minds to benefit her because they are going in a direction with her it looks like where she has to keep losing to go in that direction. Yeah, usually this stuff doesn’t work."

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