Doctors Say Big E Will Make 'Full Recovery’

Big E has been on the shelf since March with a broken neck

When Big E broke his neck in March the signs were initially not good, with doctors reportedly believing the former WWE Champion would never wrestle again.

Speaking with ESPN, Big E revealed that doctors have said he will make a full recovery, despite the fact he could have easily suffered paralysis or even death, and that he will receive check-ups:

"It's very sobering to hear that," Big E. "... I think to be great at something like [pro wrestling], or at least to be competent, you can't spend all your time worrying about possibly fatal injuries or breaking your neck. You have to go out there and be free and in the moment. I think a lot of us as performers don't spend a lot of time thinking about that stuff. I never thought I would be.”

However, whilst the future of his in-ring career is by no means confirmed - doctors will have no clear answer on how long he will be out of the ring until his one year check-up in March 2023 - Big E is set to work with WWE at SummerSlam in evaluating prospects for the NIL programme, in a role that could continue until he is able to wrestle again:

"I wish there was an exit program for college athletes, because you spend so much of your time on campus studying for your sport or participating for your sport or practicing for your sport," Big E said of the NIL scheme. "You devote so much of your life to it, and then when it's gone, it is such a distinct drop-off. It's so hard to prepare for that. That was something that was really hard for me mentally too."

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