Dominik Mysterio Doesn't See Himself Having A Match With Rey

Fans wanting a Rey vs. Dominik Mysterio match may be left hanging

Ever since Dominik Mysterio stepped into a WWE ring as a full-time competitor, the question on everyone’s mind has been when will he step up and face his father Rey Mysterio in a singles match?

Well, according to Dominik Mysterio himself, he doesn’t envisage ever facing off with his father, saying the following on Die Woche with Sebastian Hackl:

“See, me personally, this is something that I’ve, you know, I’ve given a lot of thought, and before I started wrestling and like, even my first match I would say, ‘Yeah, you know, why not wrestle against my dad?’ But, after everything we’ve been through now and seeing our relationship, how it’s grown and just, you know, we - it’s just different now. We’re on the road together, I drive for hours after the shows so it’s like that bond that we have has only gotten stronger and I just don’t see that ever happening. I see him riding off into the sunset, like a happy dude.”

The Mysterios are set to face the team of Logan Paul and The Miz at WWE WrestleMania 38 night one.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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