Drew McIntyre Addresses Unfinished Business With Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre wants another shot at Roman Reigns

So WWE Clash at the Castle may not have ended how many of us hoped, with Roman Reigns leaving Cardiff with his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship after defeating Drew McIntyre.

That doesn’t mean Drew is down and out though, and during an interview with the Dallas Morning News, ‘Irn Drew’ stated his intention to face Reigns again:

“I suffer for the company, suffer from my art – constantly, it feels like. But that comes with the territory being the workhorse of WWE, being the conscience, I guess, of WWE,” said McIntyre. “You ain’t gonna find Roman Reigns doing the schedule that I do. I keep the championship schedule. I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to do the media responsibilities. I’m happy to represent the company on the weekend live events. This is my dream. It’s a privilege to do it. And if it involves getting beat with chairs … still be involved in the strap match with Kross, who has managed to divert my attention away from the title, so be it. Even though he keeps attacking me from behind. If it’s not him attacking me, it’s his girl [Scarlett] low blowing me from behind. I’ll do what I have to do get through all these new challenges and get my way back to Roman.

"Apparently, I’ll have to go through not just The Bloodline – because I did that prior to Clash at the Castle – then the elders and a new member [Solo Sikoa]. I’m going to have to literally go through the entire family like door to door. And I like The Rock a lot. It’s gonna pain me deeply when I go through the entire family, have to go to Hollywood, tap The Rock’s door and say, ‘I’m sorry, brother,’ then beat them him in his own doorstep because it’s the only way I’m gonna get that title off Roman.”

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