Drew McIntyre Broke A WWE Rule After Winning The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 36

He just couldn't help himself...

In the main event of WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre went one on one with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. The Scottish Psychopath was ultimately able to fulfil his destiny as he pinned Lesnar after connecting with four Claymore Kicks. 

McIntyre explained during an interview with Tim Fiorvanti at ESPN that his post-match celebrations could have landed him in hot water with the company. The new WWE Champion explained one of the rules WWE has is Superstars aren't meant to look directly into the camera "and break the fourth wall." McIntyre couldn't help himself, however, and he just wanted to thank the fans for supporting him throughout his career and for watching during this difficult period. 

Drew said: "One of our rules in WWE is that you don't look down the camera and break the fourth wall, like you wouldn't do in a movie. But I couldn't help myself. In that moment, I just wanted to thank everybody for supporting me, for supporting WWE during this time and choosing WWE to take your mind off these difficult times. I wanted to let everyone know how I felt, and I'm so glad we kept that in the show. I wasn't sure if it would be edited, because I really meant it."

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