Drew McIntyre Recalls First Conversation With Vince McMahon In WWE

I'm like: 'Oh my God, that's Vince McMahon, don't say anything stupid.'

Drew McIntyre has recalled worrying his Scottish accent would be so thick that Vince McMahon wouldn't understand anything he said during their first conversation. 

McIntyre first signed with WWE in late-2017 and was almost immediately thrown onto the main roster schedule, making his televised debut in October 2007. A short stint in developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling followed, before a return to Smackdown in 2009. 

The Scotsman has spoken about how quickly he went from being a part-time wrestler to working a full schedule with WWE, including his first meeting with WWE Chairman McMahon backstage in catering. 

With a heavy accent, McIntyre was worried he had messed everything up for himself because he thought the boss couldn't understand what he was saying. 

Speaking to The Rich Eisen Show, he said: "I mentioned that I came from Scotland and was straight on WWE television, I was there within three weeks. I've been wrestling professionally since I was 15, but it was a part-time job because I was in school the whole time. I was basically at Uni and within six weeks, I was a part of WWE and on the road.

"I was sitting in catering, wondering what was going on. 'There's the Undertaker, there's Triple H. This is crazy that I'm part of this roster. Be cool, Drew.' Vince McMahon just sits himself down right in front of me and asks me how I'm doing. In my head, I'm like: 'Oh my God, that's Vince McMahon, don't say anything stupid.'

"We have a casual conversation that lasts like a minute. He tells me 'good luck' and walks off. My accent was so thick back then and all I think is, 'He didn't understand a word I just said. I just ruined it all.'"

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