IMPACT Wrestling Results - May 6 2021: Final Participants Confirmed For Under Siege Six-Way

Plus, the IMPACT debut of Bullet Club’s El Phantasmo

IMPACT started with a recap of last week, replaying Scott D’Amore’s announcement regarding Under Siege, and highlighting the status of Kenny Omega’s title reign.

In the IMPACT Zone and we went straight to in ring action, with Chris Sabin taking on Rhino in a qualifier match for the Under Siege six-way. A classic speed vs. strength match from the IMPACT veterans, with Rhino enjoying spells in control thanks to shenanigans from Violent by Design at ringside. Sabin wouldn’t stay down though, evading a Gore and tying Rhino up in a magistral cradle for the win. Sabin joins Chris Bey, Sami Callihan, and Matt Cardona in the Under Siege six-way for a shot at IMPACT Champion Kenny Omega.

Backstage, and ‘The Most Professional Wrestler’ Brian Myers was angrily tossing furniture around. Myers was pissed off about the Under Siege qualification, but turned around to meet Decay’s Rosemary who said Myers’ ego is out of control. Black Taurus attacked Myers, as Rosemary said it signalled ‘death’.

Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers, and Don Callis were backstage strategising. Callis said the three need to put wins on the board whether titles are on the line or not. Omega said he’ll be in Gallows corner for his match with Juice Robinson tonight.

Match two saw an agitated Susan take on Taylor Wilde. Susan tried to rush Wilde before the bell to no avail, and Wilde firmly took control of the bout. Kimber Lee attacked Taylor as the ref was distracted, as Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb walked down to watch from ringside. Kaleb stopped Kimber from continuing her attack on Taylor, as Tenille hit Susan with a neckbreaker behind Taylor’s back, allowing Wilde to get the win with a German Suplex. Post-match Tenille celebrated with a confused Taylor.

Deonna Purazzo was interviewed backstage, with The Virtuosa exclaiming that she is not ducking Taylor Wilde, before she was cut off by Decay, and then Havok who said they see a champion with no challengers. A coerced Purazzo said she was going to find Scott D’Amore to say that Havok will fight Rosemary, with Purazzo taking on the winner.

A video package aired for W. Morrissey, who lambasted the fans, and his fellow wrestlers, and said it was entirely up to him to rebuild himself. Morrissey said everyone will feel the agony he went through, starting with Willie Mack at Under Siege.

The fifth Under Siege six-man qualifier was next, with Rohit Raju facing off against Trey Miguel. The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air had Rohit’s number from the off, with Raju hiding behind Shera on the outside before the two locked up in-ring. Both men jostled for leverage, exhibiting some crisp counter wrestling in a bid to take control of the bout. Rohit held control for the majority of the bout despite flurries from Miguel, but Miguel is on a roll following his victory over Sami Callihan at Rebellion, and got the tap out victory after a fast-paced closing segment.

Post-match, Jake Something ran out to fight Shera and Rohit after Rohit cost him his spot in the six-man last week. Something was fired up and easily dispatched the two.

Cut to Swinger’s Palace, where Chris Sabin, James Storm, Matt Cardona, and Alisha Edwards were at the tables. Trey Miguel turned up and had words with fellow six-man competitors Chris Bey, Cardona, and Sabin, whilst Storm said he’s going to qualify and win at Under Siege. Storm said he doesn’t need Sabin watching his back in his match against Moose and vowed to do the job alone, proving to Bey that he could still take care of business.

Match four saw Doc Gallows take on IMPACT Tag Champion Juice Robinson. Despite an early flurry from Gallows, Robinson was in top form, with an answer for almost everything Gallows threw at him. Gallows’ veteran instincts allowed him into the match and the Super Elite heavy hitter manhandled Robinson, but Juice built up another head of steam, only for Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson to distract him. Gallows nailed a huge pump kick and a Choke Bomb for the win. 

Post-match Gallows, Machine Gun, and Omega beat down FinJuice. Eddie Edwards ran out to make the save, but also caught a beatdown for his troubles. 

Cameras caught up with Deonna Purazzo as she was leaving the building with Susan and Kimber Lee. Scott D’Amore cut Deonna off and it turns out Purazzo had been ducking him after her promise to Havok and Rosemary earlier in the show. D’Amore confirmed Havok and Rosemary will face-off next week, with the winner fighting Purazzo at Under Siege.

Bullet Club made their presence felt in the IMPACT Zone as El Phantasmo made his IMPACT debut, taking on VSK. VSK had a spirited showing to start the match off, but ELP firmly and quickly asserted control of the bout. VSK got his share of offence, but ELP hit the Sudden Death Superkick for the win in a quick match.

Next, Fire ’n’ Flava’s Kiera Hogan went up against new Knockouts tag Champion Rachel Ellering in singles action. Hogan started the match strongly and aggressively, beating Ellering all around the ring. Ellering managed to fight her way back, cutting Hogan down with some fierce strikes, and nailed a huge Bosswoman Slam for the win.

Fire ’n’ Flava and Grace & Ellering then had words backstage, with the Knockouts Tag Champs mocking the former champions. Tasha Steelz disrespected Jordynne Grace, and the two agreed to a singles match next week.

IMPACT’s main event was the final qualifier match for the Under Siege six-man number one contender’s match, pitting Moose against James Storm. Pre-match, Don Callis spoke with Moose, trying to cosy up to the former TNA Champion. Moose saw through Callis’ charade, but Don continued spinning his words in an effort to get into Moose’s head. Moose made his exit, saying he had a message to send.

When the match started, Moose and Storm wasted no time in heading outside the ring - Storm with a point to prove, Moose with a message to send. Moose manhandled The Cowboy, with Storm selling his knee, Moose dominating Storm all around the IMPACT Zone. Storm valiantly fought back into the bout getting several nearfalls, but it was not enough, with Storm’s knee buckling during the Eye of the Storm, and subsequently giving out during a successful Last Call Superkick. Referee Brian Hebner threatened to end the match due to Storm’s knee injury, but Moose hit a huge spear for the win, and booked his place at under Siege.

Post-match Moose brought a chair into the ring and Pillmanised Storm, with Chris Sabin running out to his tag partner’s aid as IMPACT went off the air.

Full results:
• Chris Sabin def. Rhino - Under Siege Number One Contender’s Qualification Match
• Taylor Wilde def. Susan
• Trey Miguel def. Rohit Raju - Under Siege Number One Contender’s Qualification Match
• Doc Gallows def. Juice Robinson
• El Phantasmo def. VSK
• Rachel Ellering def. Kiera Hogan
• Moose def. James Storm - Under Siege Number One Contender’s Qualification Match

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