Drew McIntyre Reveals Why He Became The First Person To Kick Out Of The End Of Days At WWE WrestleMania 38

Drew McIntyre was the first to ever kick out of the End of Days at WWE WrestleMania 38

Despite his ups and downs, Baron Corbin could always bank on the fact that nobody could kick out of his End of Days finisher, with the move extremely well-protected ever since Corbin made his WWE main roster debut in 2016.

However, at WrestleMania 38 that all changed when Drew McIntyre shockingly became the first to kick out of the move, ending a six-year streak in the process. McIntyre would go on to defeat Corbin, and during a conversation with The Daily Mail, McIntyre revealed why he was given the honour:

“I love to talk about this. It was probably a few days leading up to it, and the day itself, what a big moment it would be,” said McIntyre. “Realistically every finisher has been kicked out of eventually, but when it’s built up enough and established enough until it’s genuinely shocking, like the first time the Tombstone was kicked out of, the Stunner was kicked out of... Everything has been kicked out of, the Claymore a couple of times as well, but they are all established enough that when it happens it’s a shocking moment and the End of Days, it’s been literally years, and it hadn’t been kicked out of ever, and when is the right time? Are you going to retire thinking about it in your rocking chair, or have the moment where it did happen and you have that reaction?

“It was very cool for Corbin to be cool with it… not cool but understanding of it, being at WrestleMania as the babyface on the rise going onto wrestle Thanos in Roman Reigns after that, I had to be propped up as big as possible and everything was going into that character to try and get him ready. The heel’s job is to do that, and there is no better heel in the company than Corbin, he is a true heel through and through and he is very giving in matches for such a big guy. You’ll see him sell for anyone of any size. He’s such a great athlete and that finish was such a big moment for Drew, and as much as I give him hell for being the first person to ever kick out of it, I am very grateful to him because that was such a huge moment in my career, a huge moment in that match. 

“The way people reacted in the stadium, the way he reacted as well, made it very special and showed McIntyre as a monster and that he could be the one to go on and beat Roman.”

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