Drew McIntyre: There's Nothing More Embarrassing Than The Stuff I Did In 3MB

3MB taught Drew to have fun

Drew McIntyre has admitted that there has been 'nothing more embarrassing' in his wrestling career than some of the things he did in 3MB.

McIntyre, alongside Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, was a part of WWE's comedy trio in the mid-2010s. Fans still marvel at how McIntyre went from being a part of the faction to becoming a two-time WWE Champion and Royal Rumble winner.

The Scotsman has reflected on his time in the faction and revealed how 3MB taught him to have fun in wrestling.

Speaking to Metro, McIntyre said: "There’s nothing more embarrassing than some of the stuff we had to do in that group.

"In the end, if you remind yourself it’s entertainment, don’t take it too seriously, try to make people smile – but I used to take it really seriously when I was younger,. Like, it was life and death and everything was 100% serious all the time. That’s boring! It’s 52 weeks a year, there’s no re-runs, no off-season. If you’re just serious man every week, it’s boring as heck!

"Eventually one day, probably during 3MB, I realised, hey, you gotta show different sides of your personality. Be serious when it’s time to be serious, but have a laugh sometimes! That’s what connects with people, that’s what people enjoy."

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