Drew McIntyre Thinking "Outside The Box" About How To Bring A WWE Pay-Per-View To The UK

It would be the first pay-per-view in over 17 years...

WWE hasn't held a pay-per-view in the United Kingdom since 2003 when Insurrextion was broadcast from the Telewest Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Since then, the company has continued to host international pay-per-views as WWE visited Melbourne, Australia for Super ShowDown in 2018, and has a partnership with Saudi Arabia to host two pay-per-views per year in the Middle Eastern kingdom. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been a longtime advocate for WWE to come back to the UK for a pay-per-view. The Scottish Psychopath was asked about his advocacy by Andy Shepherd during the WWE Virtual Roundtable with the company's five Scottish champions. 

McIntyre explained he tries to promote the idea by mentioning it as much as possible when talking to the UK media, but that he has been trying to "think outside the box" recently. This was ultimately his reasoning for calling out Tyson Fury on talkSPORT as a Battle Of Britain might just convince WWE to hold a major pay-per-view in the UK for the first time since SummerSlam 1992.

The WWE Champion said: "That's something I'm not just visualising, it's something I'm actively working and pushing and talking about whenever I do UK media. I'm always trying to think outside the box. Ol' Tyson Fury seems to want to get involved in something. If it takes getting a Battle Of Britain going to get us a UK PPV I don't care."

McIntyre wasn't sure where WWE would broadcast the show from, but he did name drop Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland and Wembley Stadium in London, England as possible venues. 

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