EC3 Explains Why He Signed With ROH

“ROH is really, top to bottom, one of the only tolerable wrestling products on television”

Ring of Honor’s EC3 recently spoke with TV Insider, detailing why he joined ROH after his release from WWE in 2020.

Speaking ahead of the ROH 19th Anniversary Show on March 26, EC3 said the following about ‘controlling his narrative’:

“I’ve realised that being under a three letter brand with a corporate wrestling structure isn’t for me. No change will ever be made as long as people conform and do the exact same things. I want to be different, and if that takes guaranteed money away from me, that’s OK.

“ROH is really, top to bottom, one of the only tolerable wrestling products on television. In my negotiations, they provided me with the freedom to create. No amount of money can take away the happiness and pleasure I truly get from creating and controlling my narrative.”

EC3 then went on to praise Jay Briscoe, his opponent at the upcoming PPV:

“EC3 evolving into the “Essential Character” started with the COVID era, so of course, I got COVID. I was fine thankfully, but it did delay this match. I envy Jay Briscoe. He has found happiness being in Ring of Honor for his entire career. He has found happiness raising a family and running a landscaping business. He kicks ass and works hard and is a family man.

“Jay’s probably one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen. He’s the biggest dog in this park who is not the champion. I had to go to him to find a purpose in Ring of Honor. I haven’t seen honour in this business in a very long time. Honour is in the name. I will put that name to the test.”

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