EC3 Provides Update On Control Your Narrative

EC3 on CYN's future

While the promotion initially had big plans with a tour scheduled for the end of the year, Control Your Narrative have scaled back their operations since Karrion Kross and Braun Strowman both returned to WWE, with the live event tour having since been scrapped. 

If CYN will hold any more shows ultimately remains to be seen but EC3 noted to WrestleZone that the company still aspires to tour. Control Your Narrative could also work as a faction in another promotion, he believes. 

"Touring aspirations and live events, those are still on the table. Is CYN going to be the 'promotion' hosting these? Or is it what I really believe it is, that's like a concept and an idea and almost a faction of people believe in the message and the idea becoming part of other things. As the tour was progressing my idea was to really make that a brand for other independents and high-level people and other talents to be able to be seen by the world if we had television behind it and it was televised. It's just another platform for people to have their name out there, be recognised, be noticed," EC3 said.

"It was bold and ambitious. With Adam (Braun Strowman) going back to WWE, it wasn't in the cards at the time. It can still play, but I do also think the idea of Control Your Narrative being a group and a faction, plus an idea that can find itself in any promotion, whether it's televised, whether it's independent, whether it's international, and contributing a new, unique brand and interest and draw to those places, everybody can win."

Control Your Narrative initially began with a series of cinematic matches in 2020. The promotion then held their first live events earlier this year. 

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