EC3 Reveals Scrapped Dixie Carter Plans For Control Your Narrative

EC3 wanted to Control Dixie Carter’s Narrative

When EC3 was ‘shaking things up’ with Control Your Narrative, there was no indication of where he was taking the wrestling group nor what was their end goal.

With major CYN stars like Braun Strowman now back in WWE, and EC3 himself in the NWA, the group is alive in name only, and during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, EC3 revealed aborted plans to bring his kayfabe auntie Dixie Carter on board:

“Here’s one - when I had the gigantic ambitions to do a huge tour [with Control Your Narrative] with absolutely no infrastructure, I had this idea to do a parody press conference about the tour,” EC3 said. “[I wanted to] talk about how I’ve done this on my own and I’m self-financed, we had no backing, nobody helped us. We got here on our blood, sweat and tears, grit, going through the mud to get ourselves in this position, but I also… I do want to announce I now have a majority investor and here’s my Aunt. I thought that would probably get a great reaction and shock some people but it never happened because we didn’t have the tour.”

Dixie Carter was the kayfabe aunt of EC3 in TNA, with the ‘C’ in EC3 of course meaning Carter.

H/T: WrestleZone

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