Eddie Kingston Calls MJF A Piece Of S**t, MJF Responds

Eddie Kingston isn't fond of MJF

Eddie Kingston didn't hide his feelings about MJF, saying on WTF with Marc Maron that he thinks the AEW World Champion is a "real piece of s**t."

"He's a real piece of s**t. I'm just going to put that out there. I don't know why he's the champion. He'll cry about it to Tony (Khan), then I'll get an email from Megha (Parekh) and HR, 'You can't be calling our world champion a piece of s**t.' Well, if he doesn't act like a piece of s**t, I won't call him that," Kingston said. 

"He's a low life. He's a young kid who thinks he knows it all and he doesn't. F**k em. I don't give a s**t. What are they gonna do, fire me? Okay. I'll work somewhere and make money," Kingston added.

MJF responded to Kingston's comments, tweeting: "Fake tough guy."

Eddie Kingston and MJF have yet to face off in All Elite Wrestling, although some speculation has tipped The Mad King to be the wrestler to end Friedman's AEW World Title reign. MJF has been AEW World Champion since defeating Jon Moxley at Full Gear in November 2022. 

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