Eddie Kingston Hated His AEW Matches With Chris Jericho

The AEW star claims to have "hated" every match in his feud with Chris Jericho.

Speaking on Under the Ring podcast, Eddie Kingston revealed that he "hated" all of his AEW matches with Chris Jericho.

The New Yorker explained:

"Oh I hated them all, I hated every single one of them. I don’t like any of my work plus I don’t like Chris [Jericho]. Being in the ring with him was a headache, it was seven months of a headache, but I’m proud that it’s over for now. Knowing Chris, [he’ll] probably do something to get me mad and we’ll probably get back in there. Did I learn a lot? Yeah, I learned what it was to be a snake backstage like Chris. I learned to avoid people like Chris and his group, so I did learn from it, but it was seven months of my life that I can’t have back. So thanks a lot Chris."

It's possibly worth taking Kingston's comments with a pinch of salt, given his penchant for publicly and humorously running down fellow AEW roster members. However, it's true that many fans voiced their unhappiness on social media with the way their feud ended - with Jericho seemingly getting the last laugh. 

Despite Kingston's apparent hatred of the feud, at least two of the matches involving Eddie and Jericho received critical acclaim. Their singles match at Revolution 2022 was generally regarded as an excellent bout, as was the 'Anarchy in the Arena' match between both men's stables at Double or Nothing 2022.

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