Eddie Kingston: I'd Go Back To ROH To Help Out Homicide

Outlaw Inc. are still tight

Eddie Kingston and Homicide have a long and storied relationship, from the Indies, through ROH, NWA, and TNA/IMPACT, the two have teamed through thick and thin.

Now despite wrestling for different companies - and Kingston having a love/hate relationship with ROH - Kingston said he’d return to ROH for the first time since 2014 to help out his old pal.

"Me and Homicide got to Ring of Honor, they asked us what we wanted to do and of course, we have the same attitude and if we're going to do something, it might as well be for a championship or getting a title shot,” said Kingston to Pro Wrestling Junkies “We didn't get along with Bobby [Fish] and Kyle [O’Reilly], surprise, we don't get along with other people. They know that and they don't like us either. God bless them, I'm happy for both of them and don't want to knock anybody's hustle. Competition is competition. 

“We had the match, it was fun. I didn't like it and then we got suspended. What happened was, we went through the audience like we were supposed to and a couple of audience members decided to throw beer on us. We should have kept our cool and been more professional, I won't say that we were incident. Things got hairy, we hit people and threw things at them. We were suspended, came back, and were let go. We were never under contract, so it wasn't like they had to keep us there. We didn't want to sign contracts anyway at that time. I have nothing but love for Ring of Honor. When I broke in, it was the place to be. I'm happy for them now. Homicide is back there. It's all about a forbidden door, if I could, I would go back over there and help Homicide out.”

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