Eddie Kingston Reiterates Desire To Face Jun Akiyama

Kingston wants Akiyama at Forbidden Door

It’s no secret that Eddie Kingston is a student of the game, with ‘The Mad King’ often stating his appreciation for 90s AJPW and NJPW, with the former being some of his strongest influences.

Although AJPW’s hallowed ‘four pillars’ are all retired or no longer with us, the so-called ‘fifth pillar’ Jun Akiyama is still very much active, and Kingston has reiterated his desire to wrestle him, telling Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that he wants Akiyama at Forbidden Door, if possible:

“Well, I already have [Tomohiro] Ishii at STRONG. So, that was number one for Shin Nippon Puroresu [New Japan]. Hopefully, I said it right. Ishii was the guy," said Kingston. "[Hiroshi] Tanahashi, to me, saved puroresu at one time. Especially for New Japan. Of course, him. [Yuji] Nagata, of course, ‘cause when that whole run he had with the IWGP title going sixty [minutes] with [Masahiro] Chono and other matches, facing off against the shooters during a time period that was a little rough. But he was in there. He was a warrior. But for Forbidden Door, I don’t know if it can happen, but if we talk about the Forbidden Door, it’d be [Jun] Akiyama. I know he doesn’t work with New Japan or he’s not with them, I know he’s with DDT, but Forbidden Door, right? That’s what everybody [is].”

Kingston has repeatedly spoken of his desire to face Akiyama, and with the 52 year-old former Triple Crown and GHC Heavyweight Champion plying his trade with the AEW associated DDT Pro-Wrestling, then the likelihood of Kingston getting his match has never been higher. However, Kingston is just waiting to see if he’ll be a part of Forbidden Door’s card in any shape or form:

“Yeah, again, I don’t know anything about that. I just say, ‘Hey, this is my dream match’ or ‘Hey, this is the dude I want to work with.’ Either Chris Daniels comes back to see me and says, ‘Tony says no’ or ‘Tony said yes’ or Tony, when he gets excited, he’ll tell me yes,” continued Kingston.

H/T: Fightful

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