Eddie Kingston Says AEW Is His "Last Stop"

He has no plans to move on...

Back in late-July, AEW signed Eddie Kingston after The Mad King impressed many during his TNT Title match against Cody.

Kingston received an offer from WWE before he decided to sign with AEW. Fans shouldn't expect The War King to eventually turn up on Raw or SmackDown, though, as he told Daily DDT that AEW is his "last stop."

"AEW's my last stop," Kingston said. "I'm not goin' anywhere else. I'm 38 years old and been doing this, actually is today October 12? Yeah, I been doing it 19 years today. I'm not goin' anywhere else, man. It's sink or swim with this company. I'm not gonna sink, I'll say that much. I won't sink, and I won't let the company sink.

"Everyone can say 'you're bein' a company man, you're sellin' out,' this and that. Hey bro, like I said, I was broke. I was broke durin' the pandemic. I paid off all my bills I could with the money I made in the UK before I came home, and after that, I was sittin' at home broke. I'm hungry, and I'm not gonna let anything stop me or AEW or put me in that situation again where I'm sitting in my house going, 'I may have to sell this.' I'm not gonna get myself in that situation again."

When asked how long he has left in the ring, Kingston admitted he thinks he can go for 10 more years. 

He added: "In all honesty, this is gonna sound crazy. I think I have 10 more years. Now I'm makin' a good chunk of change, let's just say that, and I'm able now to get massage therapy. I'm able now to go to the chiropractor. I'm able now to buy myself a sauna at home. I'm able now to, I just bought a thing for me to jump into ice. Now I'm able to do all that stuff. Back in the day it was stretch and hope for the best. Now that, like I said, I got the good chunk of change, I can take care of myself better. So right now, I think I can go another 10."

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