Elix Skipper Details Why He Walked Away From Pro Wrestling

Personal tragedy convinced Elix Skipper to step away from the squared circle

Former WCW and TNA star Elix Skipper has revealed the reason behind his decision to leave the professional wrestling business. 

During a rare public appearance for a K&S Wrestlefest signing, 'Primetime' explained why he left wrestling and doesn't make many appearances, saying: 

"Let me be honest with you. I had an older son who was shot and killed. Once he was killed, I came back to wrestling, but my heart wasn't in it anymore. The scary part is, I love wrestling, but family comes first. When he was killed, I was scared that I would be on the road again and something else was going to happen. I made a choice between the wrestling that I love and the family that I love. 

"Obviously, my family won. I try not to do no interviews or anything because if he you keep doing the little things, next thing you know, you're back on TV or back doing something. I just want to spend my time with my family. Now, so many years later, my wife was saying, 'Get out there, do some more stuff'. She is the one pushing me".

A graduate of the WCW Power Plant, the former four-time NWA World Tag Team Champion made his debut in 1998 and last wrestled in 2009. 

He has since embarked on a career in restaurant management.

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