Eric Bischoff Baffled That TNA Scrapped Joker Sting

Eric Bischoff saw money in TNA for ‘Joker’ Sting

Of all of Sting’s gimmicks, the most divisive of all was his run as ‘Joker’ Sting in TNA, with the multi-time world champion portraying a more madcap version of the Stinger, nestled somewhere between the campy theatrics of Cesar Romero, and the anarchistic ideals of Heath Ledger's stint as the 'Clown Prince of Crime'.

Still, Joker Sting has gone on to become a cult favourite amongst wrestling fans, and Eric Bischoff has lamented TNA’s decision to scrap the character, saying the following on the 83 Weeks podcast:

"I, for the life of me, can't figure out [...] why the hell did we let that go? Why did we let it die? There had to be a reason. I don't know what it was. But there had to be a reason because it was a much more interesting character than even Crow Sting. It had more room to move because he had the use of dialogue," Bischoff said, "In Sting's interviews prior to the Joker character, they were still good, [...] but they were kind of one-dimensional for the most part. This Joker character version of the Crow character, I think was just way more interesting because it had more room to move."

The ‘Insane Icon’ only lasted a few months in TNA, with Bound For Glory 2011 Joker Sting’s last hurrah.

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