Eric Bischoff Discusses Possibly Going To AEW, His Recent Stint In WWE

He isn't back, but he's better than ever!

Eric Bischoff has been involved in Professional wrestling on and off since 1987. Holding executive roles in WCW, TNA, and WWE, Bischoff rejoined WWE in June as Executive Director of SmackDown. However, his latest run with the company was considered less than successful, and he was let go in October 2019.

Bischoff recently had an interview with Digital Spy about his recent stint in the company. While the former president of WCW was cagey on details, he did explain his role was very much as an overseer. He said: "Basically, I oversaw just about everything [on the] SmackDown brand. I oversaw, managed, created the team, as well as interfacing with all the other departments that dealt with SmackDown-related issues."

However, Bischoff did not wish to go into too much detail on his departure, simply saying: "WWE is an amazingly successful company, and they have their own way of doing things and managing creative, and I just don't think I fit into that environment."

The former Raw General Manager was then asked if he would consider going to All Elite Wrestling if he was offered a position. Bischoff replied: "You know, I don’t know. I still like the wrestling business. I still have an interest in it and an affection for it. I think I’m pretty good at it. [Perhaps] if the right situation came along - and by right, I mean a situation where I felt, specifically after my recent stint with WWE, the chemistry has to be there. Chemistry is 90% of it. If you’re working with a team where you all have the same goals, you may see things differently, and you may have different approaches at things. But if it’s a constructive, positive kind of approach and you really enjoy the people you are working with, then yeah, it would be a lot of fun."

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