Eric Bischoff Talks WCW Relationship With Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero and Eric Bischoff's WCW relationship was a rollercoaster at times

Eddie Guerrero's professional wrestling career (not to mention his life) almost came to an end on New Year's Eve 1998. 

Guerrero was driving at 130 miles per hour while under the influence of a form of liquid GHB when he crashed his car, suffering numerous injuries including a broken right hip socket and a lacerated liver.

Despite doctors questioning whether he would ever be able to walk again, Guerrero improbably returned to a WCW ring on the June 21, 1999, edition of Nitro. 

Speaking about Eddie's return and his general relationship with the late star during a recent edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff said: 

"On a personal level, just I was really, really, I was grateful [he was back]. Because there, you know. There was a period of time when we weren't sure we're gonna get him back, that he'd be able to come back or get through it at all. So yeah, very, very happy to have him back. And on a personal level, I've always loved Eddie, loved working with Eddie. Got a kick out of hanging out with him".

Continuing, Bischoff noted that there could occasionally be a personality clash between the pair, saying: 

"Professionally, you know, that could be a roller coaster. Partly because of him, and partly because of me. We both had these personalities that neither one of us was afraid to be very honest about where we were coming from. And I respected that from Eddie. I welcomed that. I'd rather know the truth about what somebody's thinking than the bulls**t that you generally get. And there was no bulls**t with Eddie. You know, he was straightforward and somewhat emotional from time to time. And so was I. So that part of it could be touchy. But the rest of it was about having a beer with him after the show. I had great memories of him, and I was happy to have him back".

Eric and Eddie wouldn't work together for long following Guerrero's return, as Bischoff was effectively fired from WCW in September of 1999. Eddie (along with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn) would jump from WCW to WWE in January of 2000.

Bischoff has previously noted that he was involved in the formation of the Latino World Order stable, which Eddie was the leader of. 

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