Exclusive: Liam O'Rourke Details His Involvement In The Brian Pillman Dark Side Of The Ring Episode

The author of Crazy Like A Fox helped "kind of guide the ship"

Season three of Dark Side Of The Ring premiered on Vice TV on Thursday with a two-part episode covering Brian Pillman and multiple people from Brian's life including Kim Wood, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Brian Pillman Jr. were interviewed for the series.

There was renewed interest in The Loose Cannon's career a few years ago following the publication of Liam O'Rourke's Crazy Like A Fox: The Definitive Chronicle Of Brian Pillman 20 Years Later and the book inspired Dark Side Of The Ring creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener to pursue Pillman as a topic. 

O'Rourke went on to help the Vice team develop the Flyin' Brian episode and he detailed his involvement during a recent chat with Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell

"Last July before they started filming it, they got in touch with me. I believe first because they basically asked me 'What should the documentary be? Who should we talk to?' They gave me a bunch of stories, 'Which of these are true? Which of these are false?' And basically just went through a big long talk with Howard Shefman, who is the story producer with Vice. Just like 'What should we do?' essentially," O'Rourke said.

"Evan Husney read the book, loved the book. That was the inspiration for doing the documentary as I understand, he said it himself in the last couple of days. It was just a matter of helping kind of guide the ship. And I stayed in contact with them every so often just to kind of say, 'Hey, how's it going? This is what you need to do.' I sent them a couple of documents, things like his death certificate and things like that that I had on my laptop. Just kind of chipping in, contributing little bits in that conversation."

If you want to learn more about Brian Pillman following the Dark Side Of The Ring documentary you can buy Crazy Like A Fox: The Definitive Chronicle Of Brian Pillman 20 Years Later here.

You can listen to Tom's full chat with Liam O'Rourke here.

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