EXCLUSIVE: EC3: Sitting Outside Vince McMahon's Office Is Destruction Of The Soul

“…but it is what it is.”

Multiple wrestlers throughout the years have talked about getting Vince McMahon’s ear, and the arduous process of waiting outside of the boss’ office for hours at a time, and EC3 has labelled it as ‘an absolute destruction of the soul’.

The former IMPACT World Champion had two stints with WWE, but both turned out pretty fruitless, and in conversation with Cultaholic’s own Ross Tweddell on Straight to Hell, EC3 detailed the process of trying to get Vince’s ear:

“Yeah, that’s how it is. And then there’s a pecking order. If Randy Orton wants to go talk to the boss and I’ve been waiting for an hour and a half I’m not gonna stop him. He’s drawing the company money, he’s a veteran, he’s a leader. Then there’s times the show’s being rewritten while it’s going on so there are more important things than, ‘Hey, I’d like an opportunity, sit.’ But yeah, it is waiting hours on end but again, you can allow that to dissuade you and be depressed and then just be like, ‘uh, I give up,’ which a lot of people do, perhaps I’ve done. Or you’re there forever and you wait it out. Who wants it more in that sense I guess is the person who waits the longest. I waited a long time multiple times until where I just said, ‘What’s the f****** point?’ I broke a promise to myself in that aspect because I gave up.

“It’s an absolute destruction of the soul but it is what it is.”

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