Exclusive: Gangrel Requires Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Gangrel speaks exclusively to Ross Tweddell of Cultaholic

Former WWE superstar Gangrel has revealed he has been told he needs a total knee replacement and is considering undergoing surgery in December.

Gangrel, who has wrestled since the late 1980s and first joined WWE in 1993, says fans that want to see him wrestle should look to buying tickets for one of his upcoming shows between now and the end of the year, as he isn't sure how much he will be able to compete following the surgery.

Speaking exclusively to Ross Tweddell On Cultaholic's Straight To Hell, Gangrel said: "More likely, you won’t see me on the road so much. I have Gangrel’s Ghost Stories coming out in [the] next year. It’s already in production, they’re shopping it out to like...they’re looking at Netflix, Syfy, I don’t know so that’s coming out. I got another deal I can’t talk about which is very good. I got another deal that I don’t wanna mention and jinx that’s very good.

"I’m also thinking about a knee surgery in December. They said [I] need a total knee replacement so, you may not see a whole lot of me wrestling now so if you’re in the areas, you better catch these shows with me through December because there’s a chance I’m gonna be so busy with other things, still wrestling-related, a lot of ‘em, but I might not be in the rings as much so, you know.

"But I don’t know, things change. I might be [the] same as I was next year, taking bookings because I’m heading to Romania in March. I know I took some bookings already so I may ride it all out, you know?"

You can watch the full episode in the video player below:

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