More AEW Video Game Gameplay Footage Revealed

More details on the game have been revealed

More gameplay for AEW's upcoming console video game has been revealed. 

AEW Games released early footage of Darby Allin in action earlier this year and AEW revealed more footage of the in-ring action on the September 7 AEW Games 2. Show

The new footage showcased Jungle Boy hitting some of his signature offence on Darby Allin, including a Lucha-style Arm Drag, a Springboard Tornado DDT, and a Hip Toss into a Superkick. His submission finisher, the Snare Trap, was also shown, as was a brief clip of Jungle Boy's entrance. 

Jungle boy aew video game entrance

No further details about the console game were revealed, though, and when the game will be released remains unclear beyond that Kenny Omega is hoping for early 2022.

The game has been in development since the summer of 2020 and the in-ring action will be inspired by classic titles like WWF No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling and King Of Colosseum. AEW has made a big investment in the title, including an eight-figure sum from Tony Khan.

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