Exclusive: Jeff Jarrett Reflects On His Run In World Wrestling All-Stars

Double J was the only two-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion

Following the collapse of WCW and ECW, a number of promoters tried to fill the gap in the market, including World Wrestling All-Stars. 

Founded by Australian promoter Andrew McManus, WWA ran shows in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom from 2001 until the promotion folded in 2003. The events featured many of the top free agents on the market like Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg, Eddie Guerrero and Lex Luger and the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin and Shark Boy were involved in the mid-card.  

Jeff Jarrett became a two-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion during his time with the company and Double J revealed WWA was an "incredible outlet" and inspired him to establish TNA during a recent chat with Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell

"I'm glad you brought that up because when you look at my career from the early days in the territories and the early Double J days, WWF, WCW, back to WWE, then back to WCW, most people think it jumped from there to TNA and then on into the Hall Of Fame," Jarrett said. 

"In my brain, the WWA really served as an incredible outlet for me. Really when I sat there, the formation of TNA was done in my brain on the WWA All-Stars tour because there was lots of talent, great crowds, great events and it was really a special time. I looked and I'm saying, 'There's a lot of people walking through these doors buying tickets with no episodic television. They're coming to watch these stars.' And I knew there was a huge void in the marketplace," he continued. 

"WWE, they weren't really number one because to be number one you've got to have a number two. There was no number two. There was nothing out there, just WWE. I knew there was an opportunity and I got in the ballgame and TNA went from just a dream to a reality and then super successful."

Jarrett recently launched his own podcast 'My World' alongside Conrad Thompson and to Tom's delight, The King Of The Mountain revealed there will be several episodes that cover his time with World Wrestling All-Stars. 

Check out Tom's full interview with Jeff Jarrett here.

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