Exclusive: Ken Shamrock Reveals Why He Is Absent From IMPACT Wrestling

The World's Most Dangerous Man reveals all

Ken Shamrock had been regularly featured on IMPACT Wrestling throughout late 2019 and 2020, but The World's Most Dangerous Man went off the rails on January 26, 2021, and attacked IMPACT officials, security and Sami Callihan after the show went off the air. As a result, Shamrock was suspended indefinitely by IMPACT and he hasn't appeared inside Skyway Studios since. 

Shamrock has now revealed on Cultaholic Conversations that he and IMPACT agreed he should take some time off and the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion admitted he found it difficult to wrestle in an empty arena setting. 

"I think it was a mutual agreement. It was difficult for me to wrestle with no fans. I've always felt the impact, no pun intended, from the fans. Being able to know when to do something, know when to get excited, screaming and becoming crazy and doing all those things all elevate from the fans. Not having the fans there was a real strain on me. It just didn't feel right," said Shamrock.

"I know a lot of people it doesn't matter but to me, I thought that was a big missing piece. Even though I did fine, it was great matches and a good thing but the extra piece for me to really be able to have gone over the top and be that Ken Shamrock of old was the fans were missing. It just felt like I couldn't have that extra oomph that I needed being able to feed off those fans," he continued.

"They (IMPACT) also felt like maybe I should step back and take some time. Even though everything was going fine, there was nothing wrong, I was more focused on trying to get my promotion going which is the Valor bare-knuckle (boxing) organisation. We're looking to really see how we can really make that something special. I think that bare-knuckle is the future."

Fans have since returned to IMPACT Wrestling at Slammiversary on July 17 and Shamrock didn't rule out one more IMPACT run now that he can wrestle in front of a live audience again. 

"Yeah, you know, I'm always an entertainer. I love the fans. I've always loved it, I've always loved being in the ring and competing, especially in front of the fans. It's not the same or at least for me it's not the same unless they're in the audience," he added.

Check out the full episode of Cultaholic Conversations here.

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