Exclusive: Trent Seven Excited To Welcome WWE NXT UK Fans To BT Studios

Trent Seven exclusively tells Cultaholic how BT Studios has him feeling like Gary Lineker...

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, WWE NXT UK has presented their weekly product from the BT Studios in Stratford, east London. 

The closed-set has permitted NXT UK to continue taping weekly shows and provides a completely different setting to the one most NXT UK stars have been used to during their respective careers. 

Moustache Mountain sat down for an exclusive interview with Cultaholic Wrestling's Mitch Waddon and Trent Seven could not speak more highly about the facilities available to him, Tyler Bate, and the NXT UK roster at BT Studios. 

The former NXT Tag Team Champion is excited for the day that the brand can pack WWE fans into the Studio and enjoy the product once again.

Seven said: "There’s a lot to be said for the way we came up, on the independents, and having those little rough-around-the edges venues where you would sometimes be getting changed in a caretaker’s office or sometimes in the corner of a spare, dusty room.

"But to have the facilities we have there - we all have our own changing rooms, and stuff like that. I feel like Gary Lineker when I walk in there! My name is on the door! It’s very, very cool, and I feel very privileged to be able to be able to perform in that. And that kind of stuff helps with the performance. It settles your nerves a little bit and makes you feel more comfortable when you get there. 

"I think they had an MMA show there and the boxing was there as well. I know they had fans for that’s just a matter of time now. We’ve waited long enough. We’ve waited until the time was right and so we can do it in the safest possible way and, when we do, we’re going to smash it, man! 

"The one thing I can guarantee is that there will be fans, and the one thing we can guarantee is they will be entertained to the highest level when they see Moustache Mountain."

You can watch the full exclusive interview with Moustache Mountain below or listen to the interview in podcast form here!

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