Exclusive: W. Morrissey Reveals Name Switch 20 Minutes Before IMPACT Wrestling Debut

W. Morrissey speaks exclusively to Cultaholic!

W. Morrissey has revealed his name in IMPACT Wrestling was altered to its current iteration just 20 minutes before his debut at IMPACT Rebellion 2021.

Previously known as Big Cass in WWE and CazXL on the independents, the 35-year-old made his debut for IMPACT at Rebellion in April, surprisingly replacing the injured Eric Young in Violent By Design's match with Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, and Willie Mack.

Introduced as his legitimate first initial and last name, W. Morrissey has now revealed the original plan was to use his whole birth name in IMPACT Wrestling - William Morrissey; an idea born out of his fondness for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall doing the same in WCW.

However, just minutes before showtime, the decision was made to switch the name up slightly.

Speaking exclusively to Cultaholic's Tom Campbell, Morrissey said: "I wanted to disassociate myself with anything I’d done in the past. I wanted to clean slate; a fresh start with IMPACT.

"I always liked Kevin Nash and Scott Hall going to WCW and using their real names. Until about 20 minutes before air time at IMPACT Rebellion, I was going to be William Morrissey. But then Gallows and Scott D’Amore, and Don Callis, they came up to me and said: 'Maybe we should just switch it to W because William is a lot.'

"So 20 minutes before the show aired we switched it up. And now I just like it so much better. I’m just W."

Cultaholic's full interview with IMPACT Wrestling's W. Morrissey will be available on the Cultaholic Wrestling Acast podcast feed from 5pm BST (12pm EST) on Saturday 25 September 2021.

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