Exclusive: YUKE'S On Developing The AEW Console Game, Kenny Omega's Vision

Cultaholic reveals more about the AEW console game

Back in November, All Elite Wrestling announced they had partnered with YUKE'S to create the first AEW console video game. Further details about the game have continued to emerge over the past couple of months and Kenny Omega revealed it will be inspired by WWF No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling and King Of Colosseum.

Cultaholic recently caught up with YUKE'S via an email-based interview to discuss the AEW console game, their partnership with AEW and much more. 

YUKE'S revealed development on the video game started in the summer of 2020, but they had been in discussions with AEW for over a year before that. Both sides have continued to communicate regularly since development began and they are in contact every day by email and online meetings are held at least once a week. 

Kenny Omega has been one of the public faces behind the console game so far, and YUKE'S ultimately intends to create a product which encapsulates his vision. They said: "Kenny Omega's vision is for the game to be enjoyed both by fans of wrestling games, and by users who may be unfamiliar with wrestling. We intend to create the game with a wide perspective for an experience that effectively balances both."

While YUKE'S plans to execute The Best Bout Machine's vision, much has still yet to be decided since the game is still in the "early stages of development." This includes if the game will be released on Nintendo Switch. Omega previously confirmed owners of current and next-generation consoles will be able to get their hands on the title, but YUKE'S revealed a decision has not been made on if the game will be coming to the Nintendo console. 

If AEW will release a console video game annually has also yet to be decided, but YUKE'S noted the decision will ultimately be made by the professional wrestling company. They told us: "The gaming market is constantly changing, which also affects how games are enjoyed and developed. Whether the game is released annually or new content is released as DLC will be determined by AEW while keeping a close eye on the market."

Thanks to YUKE'S for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow the progress of the AEW console game at AEWGames.com and on Twitter @AEWGames.

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