WWE's Nia Jax Calls Fans "Whiners" Following Latest Botch

Jax didn't seem too concerned about the criticism

During her WWE career, Nia Jax has developed a reputation for being unsafe inside the squared circle. There have been multiple incidents of The Irresistible Force botching moves which have put other Superstars at risk, most famously when she almost destroyed Becky Lynch's face in 2018. 

Jax botched another move on this week's Monday Night Raw when she Chokeslammed Dana Brooke. The former Raw Women's Champion hoisted Brooke up and delivered a Chokeslam with such force that the back of Dana's head smashed off the mat. Reports later confirmed Brooke walked away from the match unscathed and was said to be "100% okay." 

Many have criticised Jax for the move, but the WWE Superstar doesn't seem to be too concerned as she called fans "whiners" and "weak ass loser's" on Twitter. 

Jax quote tweeted a post from talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy and wrote: "a thread of whiners. Love to see it," accompanied by multiple laughing emojis. 

She also replied to a WWE fan who called the Chokeslam a "dangerous spot," writing: "Glad to see I'm still living rent free in all you weak ass loser's heads," again accompanied by laughing emojis. 

Rolling on the floor laughing

Face with tears of joy
Rolling on the floor laughing

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