Finn Bálor: My Last WWE NXT Run Was The Best Work Of My Career

Balor spent close to two years back in NXT

Finn Bálor believes his last run in WWE NXT has been the best run of his career so far.

Bálor spent almost two years back on the black-and-gold brand, re-debuting in NXT in late 2019, before returning to the WWE main roster on SmackDown last week.

During his time back with NXT, Bálor enjoyed a successful heel run and a second NXT Championship reign, developing The Prince persona and being widely praised for his in-ring work.

Now back on WWE's main roster, Bálor has reflected on his time in NXT, saying the second time around was the best work of his 20-year career.

When asked if he accomplished everything he wanted to during his second run in NXT, Balor told WWE's The Bump: "Everything and more. The idea of going back to NXT was to give Finn Balor a break from RAW and a break from SmackDown. It was to reset the character.

"It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than three months. It was to give me a little rest off TV, rest off the road and to kind of give me a reboot and revamp. Obviously, things folded a lot differently than we expected; it turned into a two-year run almost in NXT.

"For me, personally, I feel like it’s the best work that I’ve put into my career. To do that at 19 – 20 years into your career is quite strange. I really feel like I’ve just started to come into my best stride in NXT in recent months. I’m so grateful, obviously, for the opportunity to be in NXT and to be part of a new NXT landscape that’s completely changed. The guys there have completely changed the boundaries of what NXT is. To be in the ring with guys like Kyle [O’Reilly], guys like Pete [Dunne], it’s impossible to not have a good time."

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