Finn Bálor: There's Still Some Life Left In My Demon Character In WWE

Could The Demon return?

Finn Bálor believes there is 'some life left' in his Demon character in WWE but believes The Prince is the most true representation of himself.

Bálor, prior to joining WWE, would regularly paint himself for big matches in Japan and on the independent scene. While many in WWE did not predict the trend to continue when he signed for the company, NXT Executive Producer Triple H wanted Bálor to keep that aspect of his character. 

However, 'The Demon' has not been seen since Bálor returned to NXT in October 2019, but that does not necessarily mean the iteration will never make a return.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Podcast, Balor said: "I remember when I signed with WWE, a lot of people said, 'You can forget about doing those crazy entrances.'

"I was in NXT about a month and Triple H came to me and said, 'Talk to me about this painting and what it's all about.' I explained it to him in the terms of how I had been using it on the Independent level as a spectacular entrance the spontaneous moments that could be changed depending on the location or the opponent.

"For WWE, they really needed to make it as part of the character and not like 'it's cool' but more to 'why do you transform from Finn to Demon.' That's when we developed the dark side of the Balor character and Finn being the good side of the character.

"It was an evolution and I'm not really sure, looking back, if that's how I wanted it to be handled or if it got too far from where it was or if it made it better, I don't really know. In ten years' time, looking back, I might go 'we did it right' or 'we messed it up,' I don't know yet.

"There's still some life left in the Demon character, but right now I'm happy being the Prince and I feel like this is my most true self in my WWE tenure."

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