Former WWE Referee Reveals The Streak Almost Ended At WrestleMania 25

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak was almost ended during his infamous match with Shawn Michaels

As The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak became the biggest prize in WWE, fans wondered if anyone would ever break it, before having their hearts broken at WrestleMania XXX when Brock Lesnar handed ‘The Deadman’ his first lost at Mania.

However, ‘The Streak’ could have ended sooner, with former WWE referee Marty Elias revealing on Talk is Jericho that Shawn Michaels almost took ‘The Streak’ at WrestleMania XXV:

“At WrestleMania 25, when I did my counts on Taker after the dive, that count was a shoot count [after Taker landed on his head after a botched tope]. The only instruction I ever got out of that match was from Taker. He said, ‘If I don’t get back in, you shoot count me out’, and we came very, very close to counting him out. But if you go back and look at that, I was drawing my counts out, and I was drawing 74,000 people in with my counts. I took my time because I was still selling because they had bumped me earlier, so I was still selling that,” Elias said. “But at the same time, I was still dramatising it and I was elongating that count. So I was getting the people behind me. I was looking at Taker, and Taker and I didn’t make eye contact until nine on the 10 count. So that streak almost ended at WrestleMania 25 on a count out. He was concussed. He had a broken collarbone. He broke his ring finger. So yeah, he was pretty f***** up.”

Undertaker went for his signature big dive over the top rope onto Michaels, but a planted 'cameraman' was not in place to catch taker and break his fall.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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