Former WWE Talent Found Their Release 'Baffling'

A former WWE wrestler was baffled by their recent release

Following the completion of the merger with UFC, WWE released over 20 wrestlers on September 21 and September 22, including the likes of Matt Riddle, Dolph Ziggler, Elias, and Mustafa Ali.

Cuts were also made to the company's developmental roster and one of the talents let go was former track star Alexis Gray, who only signed with WWE in January 2023. She never wrestled on WWE TV. 

Speaking to WrestlingNews.co, Gray admitted she found her release "baffling." 

"I honestly think a lot of us had that mindset. I personally did have that thought in the back of my mind, but because I was so new, I kind of didn't accept that maybe I was a part of the people that were gonna get laid off. So when I did get the call, it was baffling to me. I had a plan, you know. I felt like things were finally making sense in the company. I felt like I understood what they were requesting of us, to just be cut off right, immediately, as I understood it, so it was a lot. It was crazy," Gray said.

The former WWE talent doesn't plan to give up on pro wrestling, however, and she is going to look for a wrestling school. 

"Currently, I'm going to try to find a wrestling school because I'm definitely not going to stop. I definitely have to show you guys what I look like in that ring. That is probably the main thing that I think is so heavy on my heart, the fact that I had so much planned, and now it's even more postponed. But I mean, the wait is gonna be worth it. I'm more excited. The more I wait, the more ideas I get, the more anxious I get, the more excited I get, the more passionate I get about the sport. I'm just ready. I'm so ready looking forward to the future trying to find a great school. I'm just reaching out to a lot of the ladies in wrestling," she added.

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