Former WWE Writer Claims FTR Made Fun Of Them

Dave Schilling says the tag team 'made his life hell' during a Raw taping

Following Dax Harwood's appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, where he claimed Shawn Michaels made fun of him while backstage at Raw 25 (in January 2018), a former WWE writer has alleged that Harwood once made fun of a promo that he wrote while he was in the room and 'made his life hell' at a Raw taping. 

Responding to a tweet linking to a story about Harwood and Michaels, Dave Schilling wrote:

"I feel bad that FTR had a bad experience with Shawn Michaels, but they also made my life hell the Raw after Mania 35 & made fun of the promo I wrote while I was in the room. Tough business and people are rarely their best selves under the pressure cooker.

"The [sic] ducked me all night, when they could have helped me make the promo better. We barely got the pre-tape on the air that night.

"To be clear, I have no lingering resentment toward FTR for something I’m sure was pretty insignificant in their careers. But important to remember not everyone is at their best at TV.

"Writers are, without a doubt, second class citizens in wrestling. But nobody deserves to be in a hostile or uncooperative work environment, regardless of what they do on the show".

Harwood has yet to respond to Schilling's comments. 

Dave Schilling left the WWE creative team on April 26, 2019, just two months after joining it. 

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