FTR Comment On Possibly Being Managed By Bret Hart

FTR have teased Bret Hart coming in as their manager in AEW

Since FTR fired manager Tully Blanchard, the former AEW World Tag Team Champions have turned a corner in their career, and have made no secret as to who they want to guid them to the next step - Bret Hart.

The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be, ‘Hitman’ is a massive influence on FTR, with Dax Harwood saying the following about a potential FTR/Hitman team up on the Two Man Power Trip podcast:

"Anything is a possibility," said Dax Harwood. "This is professional wrestling. There is nothing out of the question. AEW is the hot ticket right now. We're the hot new shiny toy and we're delivering every single week. I'm very proud of this company and where I'm working. As far as Bret Hart managing us, of course that would be a dream. It would be a dream for me just to have him be there, share his knowledge in-ring and outside the ring. I don't know if I can hold my emotions back every single night. I might cry every single night he's there. A lot of people call me a mark online, that's totally fine, but they don't know how much the man, the human being, the character of Bret Hart literally saved my life many times. I want to be him. I want to be just like him and touch lives just like he did and I want to make people feel like he did. Of course, it is rumours, are there truth to rumours? I don't know. You'll have to wait like everybody else.”

A legendary tag technician as well as one of the greatest singles workers of all time, Bret’s influence spreads far and wide, and Cash Wheeler noted how Bret has personally inspired the team:

"Anything getting to work with Bret would be a dream at this point because he's a guy that we've looked up to and a guy that we admire and have so much respect for. He's helped guide our career without even knowing it, to a point that it's probably the basis of this friendship. Bret is that guy… he's touched lives. There have been so many legends we've lost in the past couple of years that I would have loved to worked with. We never got to work with Bobby Eaton, stuff like that. I don't want to miss out on those anymore. So if there's a chance, even if it's just one night or it's just backstage where he's talking to us and giving us advice, that's cool with me. Could it be possible? I'm not going to add fuel to that fire, but even if it's just a one night thing where he's backstage hanging out, giving advice to people, just to work with Bret and let him know how much he's influenced us even though he already knows and has talked about it non-stop.”

Dax added, "Did he text me before the CM Punk match and tell me he was very excited? I do know that Bret is in Dallas this weekend. Not anything for us, I don't want to start rumours, he's there for appearances. I text him today, that's how I know. If this is the only thing Cash and I get to do with him, I'd love to just buy him a beer and talk to him. That would be perfect to me and put a bow on my career.”

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