Gangrel Set To Star In Vampire Movie


Former WWE star David 'Gangrel' Heath is set to star in upcoming vampire film The After Dark

The film is currently in post-production and will feature other wrestlers, including former WWE stars Paul London and Sinn Bodhi (FKA Kizarny), in prominent roles. Punk rock icon (and noted wrestling fan) Lars Frederiksen also has a role in the movie.

According to the film's synopsis, The After Dark is "the story of two warring clans of vampires and what happens when one jumps clans from the stuffy old world to the fun punk rock nightlife that takes place at The After Dark club"

Heath will play Vigo, the leader of the old world. It is his feature film lead debut.

Discussing his decision to cast wrestlers, the film's director Tom Devlin told Fangoria

"I used wrestlers to amplify the scale and scope of the fight scenes in this movie. Working with the budget I had, it's easier to work with talent that can double as their own stunt coordinators, and trust that nobody gets hurt".

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