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GCW Start Legal Battle With AEW Over "Fight Forever" Video Game

GCW Have Started A Legal Dispute With AEW Over Use Of The "Fight Forever" Trademark In Their Video Game

AEW’s “Fight Forever” video game keeps hitting snag after snag, and it seems as though it needs to overcome another hurdle before it has even been released. With pushed release dates and many back and forths when it comes to the game’s official rating, there is another problem in the way. 

David Bixenspan of Wrestling Inc. has reported that GCW have opposed the registering of the “Fight Forever” trademark for AEW’s upcoming video game, and have been granted an extension to further investigate their claim. This comes after GCW ran an event called Fight Forever back during the pandemic in 2021. It must be stated though that AEW did file the trademark before GCW did, even though it came after the event took place. 

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale has spoken out about this legal battle on Twitter, with him sending out a tweet in response to someone stating that he was only after Tony Khan’s money; “GCW has never, and will never ask for a dollar of Tony Khan’s money.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly