Gunther On If WWE Asked Him To Lose Weight

Did WWE ask Gunther to lose weight?

WWE star Gunther underwent a remarkable physical transformation ahead of his main roster debut as a member of the SmackDown brand earlier this year.

As well as having his name changed from WALTER, the Austrian-born bruiser lost a significant amount of weight and added noticeable muscle definition to his physique. 

Speaking with German outlet SPORT1 to promote WWE's recent show in Leipzig, Gunther addressed his change in appearance and whether or not it was at the behest of Vince McMahon. 

"No, that's completely wrong. At WWE, nobody said anything to me, it was completely my own initiative. For me it was quite clear: If I want to take the next big step, I have to present more for the general public", he said.

Gunther admitted that he was always a fan of the way old-school Japanese wrestlers (such as the late Shinya Hashimoto) looked, but that he felt the need to change in order to fit in with his new surroundings. 

"Emulating such idols worked for me, also because up to now I've been there for the... let's call it: hardcore wrestling audience. In the WWE main roster, however, the conditions are different, you are on a global stage, in the mainstream. From my point of view, you have to present yourself differently. And I prepared well for that in the months leading up to my move to the USA".

Gunther claimed that he has lost between 20 and 25 kilograms and maintains that the key to doing so was a change in diet, rather than his training regimen.

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