Hangman Page Attacks Swerve Strickland At Wrestling REVOLVER Unreal

Swerve Strickland jumped by Hangman Page at Wrestling REVOLVER Unreal

Heading into AEW Full Gear 2023 on November 18, one of the most intense feuds going in to the show is that between Swerve Strickland and Hangman Page.

Animosity between the two sides has built and built over the past month, with Strickland breaking into Hangman’s home to play mind games with the former AEW World Champion. On the November 15 edition of AEW Dynamite it was announced that the two were not allowed to come to blows or their match would be scrapped and the pair suspended, but it seems this rule can only be enforced in AEW buildings.

At the recent Wrestling REVOLVER Unreal show on November 16, Swerve and Prince Nana were in the ring cutting a promo on Hangman when Page appeared out of the crowd to attack Strickland, with the two having to be separated by security. Page then declared that Swerve will be a ‘dead man’ at Full Gear, with the two set for a Texas Death Match at the show.

Swerve is currently 1-0 against Hangman in AEW, having defeated Page at WrestleDream on October 1.

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