Headshrinker Samu Undergoes Successful 13-Hour Liver Transplant Surgery

Long road to recovery under way...

Samula Anoa'i, best known to generations of fans as Samu of both the Headshrinkers and Samoan Swat Team, underwent liver transplant surgery beginning on Thursday night in Allentown, PA, resulting in a procedure that, in total, lasted for over half a day.

The former WWE World Tag Team champion was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in October 2018.

Anoa'i's son Lance provided an update on his father's ordeal, writing via Facebook, "So after about a 13 1/2 hour liver transplant surgery my dad went thru, the DR. Was very pleased how the surgery went! My dad is in tons of pain! But I personally wanted to come on here and say thank you for all the wishes and prayers! His journey to recovery is just beginning so we will still use all the strength from all of you! Thank you again and I will keep you all posted the more I know! I love you dad!"

Our best wishes to Samu and the entire Anoa'i family during his recovery.

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