Henry Godwinn Recalls BSK Group Reunion At WWE Survivor Series 2020

"And then here comes 'Taker, and that’s when all the s**t began."

Henry Godwinn has recalled the events of the BSK reunion in recognition of The Undertaker's retirement at WWE Survivor Series 2020. 

The Bone Street Krew was the name of a group of guys in the then-WWF, consisting of 'Taker, Goodwinn, James Harrison, Savio Vega, The Godfather, Rikishi, Brian Adams, Paul Bearer and Mr. Fiji. 

With The Undertaker's 30-year career in WWE coming to an end last November, the company invited his closest friends down for the occasion, leading to an evening at the bar that Godwinn has recalled. 

Speaking to The Shining Wizards Podcast, Godwinn said: "Bruce Prichard had called me and said ‘Undertaker’s retiring. We’d like to get you guys down here'.

"I said: 'You don’t have to ask me twice. I’ll be there.' It’s been 20 years since the whole BSK group had been in the same room together. I’d been with Papa (Shango), Rikishi, Savio and Phineas but as a group we hadn’t been together.

"So we flew down there and everyone was meeting that night. We had our Covid tests and everybody passed. So we went to the bar and 'Taker was gonna be there about 10:30, so we hung out. And then here comes 'Taker, and that’s when all the s**t began.

“Four bottles of Jack and about 100 beers later, Godfather and 'Taker were putting me to bed at 3:30. We put in twenty years in one night, so I’m good for another twenty."

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