Hornswoggle Recalls Hiding From Vince McMahon Whilst Drunk

The boss would not have been impressed

The number one rule in business is ‘don’t cross the boss’, a sentiment that is doubly true when your boss happens to be Vince McMahon, and Hornswoggle almost found out the hard way whilst very drunk.

During an appearance on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Swoggle detailed how he managed to avoid Vince:

“My first WrestleMania, we’re in Detroit for WrestleMania 23,” said Hornswoggle “Myself and Bob Holly and Hurricane go to TGI Fridays or something and it’s sharing a parking lot with a hotel essentially. I have some ‘sodas’ of course and I go back to the hotel, Hurricane drives me back to the hotel. On the way – it’s not even a block – I end up vomiting all over his rental car.

“We get up to the hotel and he parks so I can get into the lobby and who are the first two people I see? Mr. Layfield and Bruce Prichard. They look at me and they go ‘Dylan, have you been drinking?’ And I just look at them and [shakes head]. Bruce describes it as a child who got caught in the cookie jar. I don’t know the rest, John can finish it because I don’t know but it wasn’t five minutes after they arrived that Vince’s limo pulled up right behind them. I can’t imagine if he’d seen me like that.”

Bradshaw continued the story from his point of view:

“Me and Bruce came into the production office or the green room and we get him in there and Dylan’s not doing very well at walking. So finally we get a luggage cart and we told the bellman ‘you’ve gotta take him up to his room.’ And he says ‘what do I do when I get him up there?’ Dump him! So we pay the guy to take Dylan up to his room.”

HT: Inside the Ropes

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