Hugo Savinovich Comments On Charlotte Flair’s Relationship With WWE

The former WWE Spanish language announcer conducted an explosive post-release interview with Flair’s fiancé Andrade

Andrade’s exit from WWE in March 2021 was certainly an explosive affair. Not only the manner in which happened, the dissolving of the 90-day no compete clause, and the tell-all interview with Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovich, but also the potential ramifications for fiancée Charlotte Flair.

Now, Savinovich has shared his thoughts on Charlotte’s relationship with WWE since Andrade’s departure, with the former WWE Spanish language commentator saying the following to Wrestling Inc. Daily:

“He hit me with the pregnancy test from the same doctor that had said that he used a medication that was not allowed by their system,” Savinovich recalled. “He said, ‘This is the same guy that told my fiancé that she was pregnant, and that was the reason they took her out of the WrestleMania card.’ And then they went to private doctors, did the blood test. It came out that she was not pregnant. Charlotte had their people explain it. Maybe it was something that was lost in translation but the thing is, when she spoke, I don’t think that it got better.

“I think a woman that is a legend, that has the legendary name of Ric Flair and has become one of the best in the field, and she’s taken out of WrestleMania with a cheap excuse of being pregnant? She’s not in WrestleMania, but the night after, she kicks everybody’s ass, and they let her do a mini-CM Punk pipe bomb in the ring. You don’t have her at WrestleMania. You don’t have Brock Lesnar. You don’t have The Rock. You don’t have many things. You don’t have Jeff Hardy. You don’t have John Cena. You don’t have a surprise. You don’t have a CM Punk, and you have somebody already made. Somebody that is a diamond.

“Somebody that is a queen of wrestling, and you don’t have her on the card? Yet you bring her in the next night at RAW? How the heck do you explain that creative process? She’s good for RAW, but maybe we’ll send a message that because you favour your Latino fiancé, maybe it would send a message to the other people, ‘Hey, anybody steps out of line, we don’t care if you’re The Queen Charlotte or you are Andrade or whatever. We’re going to take you out of the card.'”

Savinovich also believes that Charlotte was intentionally pulled from WrestleMania 37 due to her relationship with Andrade, and the fallout from his exit:

“Oh definitely. As a matter of fact, the scary part is that throughout the interview, on purpose, I tried to speak English because I wanted to make sure there was some evidence in English because, usually, they translate to Vince and the people, and they don’t even translate correctly. So I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page as far as he was very upset and that he said, ‘I don’t want to say anything more because I don’t want her to suffer the consequences,’ but how much more can you suffer when you were not listened to? This is what people are forgetting.

“They, as a couple, but as professionals, went with some great ideas, creative ideas to do things together. Andrade said Triple H and Vince didn’t know he was back already for two months. The owner of the company and the big boss, Triple H, did not know, and they were given the runaround with creative and this and that, and they were very upset. Finally, when they realised that he wanted to go, they offered him more money. Then [he would] to go to NXT, but when you heard him talk from the heart, you got the feeling that money was not going to keep him there, but it wasn’t like he wanted to leave.

“But they were killing his dreams. I remember when I interviewed Primo Colon, Eddie Colon, he said, ‘WWE killed my passion for wrestling,’ and that hurt me because this kid grew up with the legends. The [Bruiser] Brodys, the Abdullah the Butchers, the Flairs, the Briscos and for Primo Colon to say WWE just killed the passion, fortunately, he’s got it back, but that’s how bad it was.”

Savinovich continued: “It is tough when you’re a couple and you work for the same boss because anything can happen, even if they don’t want to admit it. You’re going to pay the price. Her price, Charlotte, was to miss WrestleMania, and then the next day, it was like nothing happened. She kicked everybody’s ass, and wow, this is very strange.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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