Andrade In Talks With 'Several Companies' After WWE Release

The former United States champion was released from his contract last week

Andrade says he is in talks with 'several companies' after securing his release from WWE. 

The 31-year-old was granted his release from his contract with WWE last week and confirmed he does not have a 90-day no-compete clause attached to his departure, meaning he is free to wrestle again as soon as suits him. 

Andrade says he is in conversations with a number of promotions about his future but is keen to find an agreement that allows him to wrestle across the world, rather than being exclusively tied down. 

Speaking on a recent media call, the former NXT Champion said: "If I sign with a company, the exclusivity would be in the United States, but I would like to keep wrestling outside. I would like to work in Ring Of Honor, where RUSH is. I would like to go to Japan and return to Mexico. I would like to wrestle in AAA as much as in CMLL, but I don’t want to just sign with one company.

"If I were to sign, I would be exclusive inside the United States because in Mexico, it’s different. You wrestle, you get paid [in Mexico]. In the United States, when you sign, you wrestle, but you also get your yearly salary. I’m in talks with several companies."

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